Impressions Image Consulting is a Vancouver based Image Consulting Company owned by Kaelie Forzani. Kaelie Forzani is a member of the Canadian Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). 

Kaelie has created a unique service experience by adding a higher level of personal development to enhance Image Management. 

Kaelieā€™s skill in the political realm, as a business owner and Fashion Product Buyer has made her acute knowledge of image impressions innovative!  For both Corporate and Personal clients Impressions Image Consulting coaches a positive Self-Image as well as Stylish & Impressive Visual-Image.  This combination creates a positive all-inclusive service resulting in total Image Management!


Why Impressions Image Consulting?

I believe that when a person feels Confident and Assured of their Image, they can Accomplish Any Goal they desire!

The key to Success is Confidence and the key to Confidence is Preparation!  Making the best and most positive first impression creates opportunites for new relationships, new ventures and professional success!

In order to make the best first impression possible your Image must be positive, open, polished and genuine.  With Image Management you will have confidence in every aspect of your Image and effortlessly prepare yourself everyday for Success!



As an Image Consultant and Image Manager, I coach clients on;

  • Refining and expressing your true Image & Style
  • Promoting your most Positive and Reputable first Impression
  • Enabling your Image to help achieve defined Personal & Professional Goals
  • Refining overall Communication and Etiquette skills

Image Management Programs are developed individually and specifically for every person and business I work with to enhance Business Images and Personal Lives!